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[[left margin]] Hd. Qr. Dist Alabama 131.#[[/left margin]]
T40 Endorsement on communication from O. E. Thomas of Winchester, Miss. relation to shipping of an orphan girl colored, by Mr. J. Cox & of his own destitution 
Respectfully referred to the Asst Commissioner of Mississippi.
(sd) O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst. Commissioner            
In the absence of the Maj. Gen. Asst Com.
May 31, 1867 

[[left margin]] Hd. Qr. Dist Ala. 132 [[/left margin]]
Y11 Endorsement on communication from G. T. Yeloseton of Elba Ala. on abuses thereabout 
Respectfully referred to W. E. Connolly, Sub Asst. Commissioner Eufala, Ala. for investigation and specific report as to the condition of affairs in this section
By order of Maj. Gen. Wager Swayne
(sd) O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst. Commissioner
May 31, 1867

[left margin] Hd. Qr. Dist of Ala 133 [[/left margin]]
N54 Endorsement on letter of Chas Killebrew (Cold) Head Quarters Sub Dist of Talladega May 30th 1867
Respectfully forwarded to Col O. D. Kinsman. the case within mentioned is one of extreme aggravation. Mr. Wilson 12 miles west of Rockford Coosa Co came over into this county seized the children Fayette and Alex forcibly carried them from their Mother Harriet Killebrew & their step father C. Killebrew Threatened such violence to the parent that caused an abortion to the mother of the children which came near proving fatal I have requested Misses Wilson and son to deliver said children to their parents which they refused to do as you see by the within letter. The children were seized by John Wilson and are now held by his father Wm. A. Wilson. In my opinion both father and son should be arrested and tried by Dist authorities.
J. F. McGogy 
Sub Asst Commr.
Respectfully returned to J. F. McGogy Sub Asst Comm 
In all such cases it should be definitely shown whether the children have been legally bound. When they have been the case is one for action of the Probate Judge under G.O.#3 Where they have not been so bound, you will send a direct order to the party holding to release them. On report from you that such order has not been obeyed, the Military will be used to enforce it. 
(over) 43

by order of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commr.
June 3rd 1867 

[[Left Margin]] Hd Qr Dist of Ala 134 [[Left Margin]]
S191 Endorsement on letter of C. C. Sheram
Office Sub Asst Commr. Mobile Ala May 31st 1867
Respectfully forwarded to Maj Genl Wager Swayne A Comm &c
Having made a personal investigation as to the facts contained in the within application and believing them to be substantially correct I have the honor to respectfully recommend that the transportation asked for be furnished. Mr. Joseph Anck is 40 years old, and in deep decline, no question as to his loyalty, was never in the Confederate service, is utterly destitute and dependent on the Govt for support 
He has a brother named John Anck living in Buffalo N.Y. and numerous friends who he states are able and willing to support him. His reputation in this city is good and he is in my opinion a fit subject for Government aid.
George H. Tracy
Capt 15 Inft Bvt Maj U.S.A. Sub Asst Commr.
Approved and respectfully forwarded
Wager Swayne
Maj Genl & Asst Commr.
June 3rd 1867

[[Left Margin]] Hd Qr Dist of Ala 135 [[/Left Margin]]
B189  Endorsement on letter of Capt W. M. Buber Jr
Tuscumbia Ala May 28th 1867 Respectfully returned with recommendation that transportation be furnished and attention invited to certificate of Dolly Harris herewith enclosed.
J. W. Green
Agt B.R.F.& A. L. Colbert Ga.
Office Sub Asst Commr Huntsville Ala May 30" 1867
Respectfully returned with request that transportation be furnished from Tuscumbia Ala to Washington D.C. for the following named loyal Freedmen viz Joseph Harris & Dolly Harris adults with 4 boys aged 12, 9, 6 & 2 years. this family are very destitute and partly living on the charity of the Govt. and are liable to become entirely dependent upon the Govt for support in conquence of sickness. It is understood that they have friends at Washington D.C. how are able and willing to support and care for this unfortunate family
Attention is invited to certificate of Dolly Harris in regard to the conduct of Mr. J. A. Green Bureau Agent at Tuscumbia Alabama.
John A. Callis
Bvt Brig Genl & Sub Asst Commr
Respectfully returned to Maj Genl O. O. Howard, Commissioner &c with endorsed recommendation of Genl Callis. Approved

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