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State of Ala B.R.F &c
H.3 Endorsement on letter of Mrs A.V. Hackett
Huntsville Ala March 12" 69

Respectfully returned to Brvt Lieut Col. Edwin Beecher Asst Comr. I find from report of of the County Supt of Schools that Mrs A.V. Hackett is teaching a white school in one of the Townships of this County
John H. Wager Asst Supt

Respectfully returned to Brvt Maj Genl. O.O. Howard Commissioner &c Washington D.C and attention invited to endorsement of John H. Wager Asst Supt of Schools at Huntsville Ala.
Asst Commissioner
March 15" 69

State of Ala. Bur R.F. &c
H.4 Endorsement on letter of S.R. Hamil.

Respectfully returned to S.R. Hamil Esq Washington D.C with the information that Mr Saml. S. Gardner was the Sub Asst. Comr. at Selma at the time mentioned, and that he is now Judge Probate of Butler County, and his address Greenville, Ala
Asst Commissioner
April 12" 69

State of Ala.
No 11

Claim of Rate Washington} State of Ala Bu R F and A L
C.R.#90 Endorsement &c} Montgomery Ala
June 14./69

Respectfully referred to C.A. Woodward Sgt &c Bu R F and A L at Mobile Ala. for compliance with the within mentioned instructions  Their papers to be returned.

Supt. Education State of Ala &c
The Asst. G.O Bu R. F and A.L. Mobile Ala July 17/69
Respectfully returned to Edwin Beecher, Supt Education State of Ala bu R F and A L montgomery Ala enclosing herewith Papers in the case of Col. Washington the instructions referred to having been complied with as far as practicalls. We have not obtained the affidavit of Dr Gray not knowing where he may be found
C.A. Woodward Agt. Bu R F and A L

State of Ala
No 12

State of Ala at Montg" Ala July 21st 1869.
Respectfully returned to william P Drew Agent Bureau R F and A L  Chief of Claim Division, and attentions invited to 

endorsement of C.A. Woodward Agent Bu R F and A L at Mobile Ala.
Supt Education State of Ala Bu R F &c