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you might require, from all our Officers in the Regt.

Several of the colored citizens of this place have requested me to apply for this - as they all regard me as their friend to whom they [[reveal?]] all their sorrows.-

Should you not grant my request, I shall not feel mortified nor disappointed as many doubtless have applied, who are more worthy than I am, to receive any favors at your disposal.  I shall then try to fulfill my calling of preaching the gospel to them in my unobtrusive way, believing the Lord designs it thus.

With kindest regard

I remain Your Obd't. Servant
Charles Anderson
Chaplain 46 Mis Vols  

Transcription Notes:
previous pages look like "Wis" (Wisconsin) Volunteers - one word still missing! It is not " whom they RELIEVED all their sorrow.-" as noted by previous transcriber/reviewer.