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Col C Cadle Jr

Dr Jos M. Connor of the county of Lauderdale State of Alabama has some twelve or fifteen head of oxen in his posession. Which he gathered up from the good citizens of my section of the county in November last 1865.

These persons are good citizens and they have lost all of their stock of every description by the Federal Army.

Therefore I respectfully ask for an Order from your Office to Capt Linge Agent of the Freedmans Bureau ordering Dr. JM Connor to to turnover these cattle to there respective persons from whom he took them.

This stock will be of great assistance to these persons in raising sustinance for their families.

EM Alexander
House of Representatives

Jany 25th 1866

I fully concur in the application made above for the restoration of stock to the respective owners residing in the County of Lauderdale, State of Alabama, With much esteem I am yours truly
RM Patton Gov of Ala
Executive Chambers Jany 25th 66.