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Tuskaloosa Ala. June 4th 1866 -

Major O.D. Kinsman
Asst. Adjt. Genl
R.F. and A.L. Ala.

I have the honor to submit the following statement. The affairs of this office are being prosecuted in a reasonably successful manner.

The call upon the commissary Dept is still great, and the number of destitute people, especially white, is gradually increasing.

Today a resident of this city, stated to me, that last Wednesday 30th ult, while coming home on a by-road about thirty miles from here, to the left going on the Greensboro road, between Greene and Perry Counties, he saw a mulatto man of ordinary size hung to a tree by a grapevine  The body, he said appeared to have been in this position five or six days. It was off