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The State of Alabama} O.D. Kenimoe [[?]]
Tallapoosa County   }

Sir yours of the 21st [[?]]was received & I hasten a reply to say in answer that I witnessed the contract when first made Mr. Gilliam being an old man & during the past year the subject of continued affliction so much so that he was unable to attend his farming interest in person so that the entire business of farming & the management of crops was left to the freedmen alone some time about the first of August last Mr. J.M.Hart & myself were called on by Mr. Gilliam to examine his crop we did so & of [[?]] that they had planted about one hundred acres in corn & about sixty in cotton the corn had not been half tended & hence there was scarcely any made & that the cotton crop even at that season had not been worked & was so utterly destroyed that nothing was gathered in addition we found on examination