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but it is doubtless on file in the office of the A.AAG. In compliance with that order, I procured a survey of the tract, divided into quarter acre lots and rented it to Freedman who had long been making earnest application for some such relief.  The renters were mostly mechanics and draymen whose business required them to live near their work and who were prevented from obtaining any convenient homes by the prejudice of property holders, and the extortionate rents demanded.  The rent of these lots was fixed at twenty dollars a year and encouragement was given to renters that when the time came for them to be sold by the Bureau (whose authority was at that time considered unquestionable) the occupants of the lots should have the privilege of buying them at the rate of $250.00 each.  The matter was fully laid before [[/strikethrough]] the authorities [[/strikethrough]] the proper officials in your office and with regard to both the rent and price of the lots received their full approval.  You expressed your approval