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proval personally to me, as we were riding past the lots on your visit here. This approval was affirmed and secured in the most unequivocal manner, at the time of the sale to Mr. A. H. Shepard. The engagements made with the freedmen were recognized as valid and binding by Col. Cadle and Beecher who negotiated the sale, and their view of it was confirmed by yourself. I think, in your approval of the agreement made by them with Mr. Shepard, you will remember that it was therein stipulated that if an equally eligible tract of land belonging to the U. S. Government, should be found in the city, to which the freedmen could move their dwellings, then the "Weaver Lot" should be included in the sale to Mr. Shepard, along with the Naval Foundry site, but should no such tract be found, it would be retained in the control of the Bureau, under its engagement with the freedmen, and Mr. Shepard's purchase should be limited to the Naval foundry site, and the upper part -

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