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of the Weaver Lot, on which the Government buildings are situated. If this document is still in the files of your office, the reservation can be seen. If it is not, Col. Cadle, who drew it up, and Col. Bucher who joined in approving the conditions, may be able to confirm my recollection.

After that time it became doubtful whether the Bureau had the authority to sell the property, and in a conversation with you upon the subject, you mentioned that you would try to procure the passage of a bill by Congress, enabling you to sell, and thus make good the promises given to, and accepted by the Freedmen, in good faith. The needed authority seemed to be fully given in the 12th Section of the new Bureau bill, and I have since felt assured that the freedmen who have been anxiously waiting this issue, would be justified in their generous trust of the promises of the Bureau; a trust accorded freely at considerable risk, and in spite of the sneering and