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slanderous advice of its enemies to the contrary.
Relying upon these promises, many renters of the lots have erected upon them good buildings worth from two to eight hundred dollars each, enclosed them with neat and substantial fences, dug and enclosed wells, drained, cultivated and otherwise improved them. Others of the same class and equal ability have been looking forward to the time of sale to take the places of some who obtained lots, but have not proved themselves sufficiently thrifty and substantial to warrant the expectation that they will be able to buy.[[stamp]]

It is needless to say that it was a great surprise to see the advertisement for sale by the U.S. Court in view of the privileges granted to the Bureau by the 12th Section of the new bill, but if it is inevitable, I earnestly hope some way may be found to avert the extreme hardship and wrong which will result to the freedmen who have trusted us. It will be