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Office Asst.Supt. Dist of Greenville
Bureau R.F and A. Lands
Greenville, February 15th 1867

Lieut. J. F. Conyngham
Actg. Asst. Adj. General

I have the honor respectfully to report Private Edward Cuningham, of the equal on duty at this place, as guilty of drunkenness on duty, and other [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] conduct grossly violative of his obligations as a soldier. He is at This time under arrest by the civil authorities, and held for the payment of five dollars fine and costs. The town authorities are willing to release him, however, upon my demand, whether the five is paid or not. I have Thought it advisable to let him remain a while longer in confinement. I would respectfully inquire if the amount of fine and costs should be paid, and if it can be recovered from pay due the soldier. As it will be necessary to relieve