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A. 39. R.F.A.L. Vols 2 68
Montgomery. Ala. Jan 14/68
J. Hayden
Asst Comr.
Forwards approved resignation of C. W. Buckley. Supt of Schools, he having been nominated for Congress. Recommends H.M. Bush late Capt U.S. Vols. for temporary appointment as Supt. $150.00 per month from Jan 14/68

[[stamp]] BUREAU R.F. & A.L. REC'D JAN 18 1869 
WASHINGTON [[/stamp]]

E & M 524 D of A 1868
Hd Qrs Dist of Alabama
Montgomery Jany 14. 1868

Respectfully forwarded approved. with the request that this resignation may be accepted to take effect from this date. On the recommendation of Mr. Buckley is requested that H. M. Bush late Capt U.S. Vols may be temporarily appointed as Supt of Education to take effect from this date at $150.00 per month. The nomination for permanent appointment will be made as soon as the proper person can be selected. 

J. Hayden
Bt. Brig General and Asst Commr.

War Department
Bureau R.F. and A.L.
Washington Jan 20/68

Respectfully returned to the Asst Commissioner of Alabama with appointment letter of revocation Enclosed as requested.
By order of
Maj. Gen. O.O. Howard
E. Whittlesey

Transcription Notes:
Reopened. "D of A" Dist of Alabama