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Hd. Qrs. Sub-Dist. of Selma
Bureau RF and A.L
Selma Ala Feb 19th 68

Bvt Brig Gen J. Hayden
Asst. Commissioner, Bureau &
Montgomery Alabama

I have the honor in compliance with instructions in communication from your office of the 28 outlined in reference to the establishment of Soup Houses, to report that "The Selma Relief Association," was communicated with upon the subject, soliciting a favorable consideration of the  desire of the Asst. Commr &c, &c, I enclose copy of letter received from Mr. N.D. Cross, President of the Association, in reply. In an interview since the receipt of his letter, Mr Cross expressed himself adverse to taking in charge this issue, unless exclusive control of it be given to the Society.  Neither have other members shown any eagerness to take hold of the matter. It is believed that the action of the Committee, if any, will show a want of "hearty cooperation."

Transcription Notes:
[[stamp]]THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE UNITED STATES[[/stamp]] N D CROSS was the Pres. of the Selma Relief Assoc. - found on several censuses, as well - N C Cross of Selma, Dallas, Ala.