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Office Sub Asst Com B.R.F.& A.L.
Sub. District of Mobile
Mobile, Ala, Jany 22 1868, .

Bvt, Maj, Gen, Shorkley
A.A.A. General
Montgomery, Ala


I have the honor to enclose for your information letter of J.F. Heifton Justice of the Peace Clarke County Ala. referring to troubles therein. Also a letter from Mr. Wilson recommending James W. Bradley for Justice of the Peace vice James A. Gordon removed from the beat. I am of the belief the appointment will be a good one from report of Mr. Bradleys neighbors. A number have been here to complain of James W. Gordon the former Justice.

Complaints and affidavits regarding affairs in Clarke County were forwarded Jany 6th and Jany 11 from this office and may be referred to.

A large proportion of complaints reaching this office relate to Clarke County.

John S. Moon and John C. Chapman are complained of as chief disturbers. Moon refuses to settle with his hands, and is accused of seizing the cotton of freedman. John C Chapman seized a horse without form of law and sent it to this city, giving a receipt stating he was acting in the absence of a justice - thus assuming the functions of a law officer. The horse was subsequently found and restored through this office; but of course at great loss of time and