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Ukiah Calif
Sept 19th 1906

miss grace Nicholson. Pasadena. Calif. 
my Dear grace.

In my yesterdays letter I forgot to tel you not to send any of the thing that was dug out with the bones. for I will get them after the next board metts. and I also sent you a telegram yesterday saying. will be mine the after. writen you. I went In saying [[crossed out]] range [[/crossed out]] this I was going to get the bones after the first of oct.
now grace I dont like to say this. but I must. say it. aginst Elgin. I ask you to drop him. I found out yesterday by two partys that he was the man that tryed and the first one. to have us arested. I find that he is the head of all this truble. the one who I thought was our friend. joe Huston and clark and the man that lives near where we dug said he was the first man there with Fred Hogan. and said he wanted him for a wetness. so you know who to look out for. I buryed the bones yesterday about 10-30 a.m. and went back to mr Handersons and told