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Ukiah Med. Co. Col
Sept 2st 1905

Miss Grace Nicholson Pasadena Calif

Dear Grace, Please find few of my pictures enclose with this letter.
the No 1 is a Pomo with his Rabbit blanket and war hat on. No 2 the Pomo is in act of shooting. No 3, how the Pomos gathers basket roots in water the black roots. No 4 capt Ike and his wife packing wood. Pomos of Kelseyville mission. No 5 the older Pomo woman in Kelseyville mission the one who saw Kelsey and stone massacre this old lady was Kelseys servant at the time. No 6 Pomo looking in a been save on the boonville [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] 
No 7 Pomo boat basket at Kelseyville mission. 
No 8 the same basket showing the [[strikethrough]] other [[/strikethrough]] back 
No 9 Part of the mission.
give my best regards to Mr Hartman.
Hope you are not working to hard.
my best wishes [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] to you,
Wm Benson