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[[page ripped]] [[logo]] REA EXPRESS
[[top right corner in bold]]
|Origin Pasadena, Cal||[[box]] Check here if money classification shipment SHIPPER'S NO.|
|Destination City and State New York, NY|REA Receipt Number 96-29-60|
|Consignee's Name and Address Museum of the American Indian|Date Shipped 1-15 1964|Advances|   |   |
|B' Way 155th|Paid in Part|   |   |Storage|   |   |
|Shipper's Name and Address T.H Maxwell|Priced By|   |Other|   |   |
|2323 Olivera Ave|Declared Value M|Value Charges|   |   |
|No. Pcs.|Kind of Packages, Description of Articles, Special Marks and Exceptions|Wgt. Subject to Correction|Rate Basis or Class|Express Charges|   |   | 1| pkg Photo [[?]] | 12| | Total| | 
| | No Glass| | | C.O.D. | |
| | | | | C.O.D. Service Chg.| | |

When shipment consists of more than one piece and parts of shipment are on separate delivery records, delivery office will adjust charges to proper amount based upon the number of pieces delivered on any one delivery record. 
[[bottom right table]]
| Tariff | Section | Rate Table | Scale | Collect Service Chg. From Consignee? [[square]] YES  [[square]] NO
Ptd. in U.S.A. Form 1800(9-67)

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