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The Mono Indians are located in the High Sierras. Remote their work has many characteristics not seen in other tribal work. 

No. 1- Fine old Mono
    2- Fine old Mono
    3- Feast Bowl
    4- Gambling Tray
    5- Ceremonial Basket. 

Located N. W. Washington on coast

No. 1- Berry Basket

Located about Hood's Canal, Washington

No. 1- Fine old soft weave, with row of horses at top. 

Chuc Chansi
Located in High Sierras

No. 1- Rare type basket
    2- Oval Ceremonial Basket
    3- Rare Baby basket

Pima- Arizona

No. 1- Tall basket, with horses in pattern-beads on edge
    2- Tall basket
    3- Basket with figures of women
    4- Basket 
    5- Basket 
    6- Pan shape with conventionalized swastika design.


No. 1- Basket, with design in red material 
    2- Basket
    3- Basket the work of their finest weaver Dat-so-la-lee


No. 1- Fine specimen of Aleutian island work. 
    2- Fine specimen of Chilcat work, with cover
    3- Fine specimen of Eskimo work

Fresno. Co. Central California 

No. 1- Feast Bowl

Hat Creek

No. 1- Twined weave


No. 1- Berry Basket
    2- Berry Basket
    3- Covered Basket
No. 1- Beaded Bag
    2- Beaded Bag

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