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Sierra region, California, at fresno flat.

Marsh plant (cladium-mariscus).
foundation is yellow grass (epicampes rigeras).
Black is bracken (pteridium aquilinum).
Red is red bud (circis occidentalis)
The odd baskets with wool are rare girl's ceremonials.

Salishan family.
Around Hood's canal,Skokomish river, Washington.

Rushes twined with grasses.
Grass dyed with Oregon grape for yellow.
Grass dyed with alder bark for brown.
The black is obtained by soaking the grass in acorns and mud.

Pujuan family.

Occupy the country in California east of the sacramento river, and extends as far as the Nevada state line; north and south from the southern line of Lassen and Tehama Counties to consume river.

Foundation: willow splints.
Design in splints of redbud (cercis occidentalis).
Brake fern, peeled willow of coils, and sewing splints.

Shoshonean family.

Sierra mountains east of the Yosemite.

Foundation - grass stems (sporobolus-vilfra)
Sewing - roots of slough grass (cyperus vireus or cladium-marisus)
Red material is red bud (circes occidentalus)
Black is the fern root (pteridium-aquilinum). 

Transcription Notes:
Noted that the original author transcribed inconsistent terminology: Ex: Red bud (cercis occidentalis) also (circes occidentalus).

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