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California's Treasure House of Oriental and Western Art
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Artistic Merchandise fashioned from old Chinese embroideries unique jewelry rare gems

Indian Baskets
Old Navajo rugs Chimayo blankets museum material largest stock in the world

Grace Nicholson
Pasadena Cal.
46 North Los Robles Av.

March 26, 1917.
Mr. George G. Heye,
To Grace Nicholson, Dr. ,
1- Yurok-2hite Deer Skin for Dance.
2- Yurok Feather Case,
3- Yurok Feather Case,
4- Yurok Brush Dance Hat,
5- Yurok Brush Dance Hat,
6- Yurok Deer Skin Dance Apron
7- Yurok Doctor's Sack and Feathers,
8- Yurok Moccasins,
9- Yurok Dance Head Band,
10- Yurok Woman's Head Band,
11- Yurok Woman's Sweat House Pillow,
12- Knife found among Yuroks,
13. Apache Buckskin Pouch,
14- Shasta-old Doctor's Belt.
15-   "      "     "    Buckskin Case and Feathers,
16- Mewuk Bag, Old
17- Chuc Chansi Rattle,
18- Mariposan-Old Doctor's Rattle.
19-     "      "  Rattle,
20- Mono- Doctor's Wand,
21- Crow Sheath,
22- West Coast Vancouver Island Box
23-  "     "       "       "     "
24- Pomo- Gambling Sticks,
25-  "   Obsidian Knife,
26-  "  Horn Knife, Bear outfit,
27-  "  Native Twine Doctor's Bag,
28- Pomo Doctor's Snake Charm,
29- Pomo Long Stone Ladle,
30- Pomo Long Staff and Obsidian Head,
31- Pueblo Rattle,
32- Makah Head Piece,
33- Alaskan Rattle,
34- Cree, Four Hair Bead Ornaments,
35- Makah, Grave Mask,
35- Mojave Baby mat.
No 28 Indian's Description-" This Rock is used by Indian Doctor for killing pain. The rock is first put down a snake's throat and the snake then draws away from it and then the rock is washed with roots of different kinds, and then it is heated and put on the paining part of the body. These Indians are afraid of it."

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