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List of Indian Baskets made by 
Mary and William Benson-Pomo tribe.
These two Indians were hired over a period of years. During this time they were encouraged to make the finest work possible, using the finest materials which they could obtain and prepare and also to use designs which were Pomo. The result is the finest work which has ever been produced by any tribe. 
The stitches are fine, and the size of the coil is also very wonderful. This work was done without magnifying glasses. Until Mary's operation on one eye she did not even wear eye glasses. This she did later. Some of the baskets average over 100 stichesto the inch.
This tribe is the most versatile in number of weaves. However, it was seldom that a weaver knew more than the weave which had been taught her by her Mother. But Mary and William were able to produce every weave. It is also unusual for a man of the tribe to weave, except baby baskets and eel baskets, but William also excelled in this art.
1- Chuset Weave design in sedge.. Unusual
2- "       "     "      "  redbud.
3- "       "     "          "     Fine work
4- "       "     "          "     Finest ever made
5- "       "     "          "     Very perfect.
6- "       "     "     in wool This was made by William when a boy and used by him in which he kept his charms.
7- Large Bam tush weave -Design in redbud. 
8-        "    "     "      #    "    "
9-        #    #      #     #    "     It would 
not be possible to scrape the foundation rods any smaller.
10. Shu wit ge weave. MaryS Mother handed down 
     the method to her. No one else seemed able
      to make it, altho I saw several women tried. 
      As Mary had no children and could not find 
      anyone in the tribe who could weave fine enough 
      this stitch is lost forever.
11 Shu-wit-ge. Perfect in weave, form and design
    I cannot say too much about these Baskets-
    Every Indian and every Collector and student
    have never ceased to marvel at the perfection.
    The last few years of the work of the materials
    became so scare that trips of 60 to 90 miles
    were made to secure the four year old root
    of the sedge and the proper willow.  This
    is a lost art.
12- William's masterpiece.  Shi bu weave. Three 
    rods for each coil. Basket started around a
 piece of Po - same as gold money-which is found in
Mt. Konaktai.  Design in black-Root of sedge-must
 be 4 years old to be black.  This Basket was in
process for over 4 years.
13- Shi bu weave. Girl#s ceremony Basket-Made
    by Mary.