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14- Shi bu Weave. Larger coil but careful eveb [[even]] stitching and design, with man finish.
15- Shi bu weave, Very old design and form.
16- Shi bu weave- Quail tufts for decoration.
17- Shi-bu weave. Very fine coil as well as fine stitching. Design in black, 
18- The finest feather Basket ever made, William's work. Even birds are scarce when one wants the feathers of certain birds. In this oriole for yellow-green is the mallard duck and the red feathers from the red wing black bird. Years passed before it was finished.
19- Gift Basket-feathered and also a black design woven inside the basket. In addition to other feathers as mentioned in 18-the wuail tufts and wampum handle complete the decoration. The feathers have to be woven in with the stitches in a certain way otherwise they would not lie flat. Very few weavers who ever made these baskets and I know pf [[of]] no Indian of the Pomo tribe who knows the process or who has the patience to try.
20- Large Canoe shaped basket-tsai weave- started by Mary and finished by William after her death. Design in black
21- Tsai weave basket- Basket which began coarse and ended by being very fine in weave.
22- Tsai weave. This basket was begun so fine thst it was almost impossible to continue thework. The black material is beautiful- When one considers that splicing of the three different rods which constitute the coil and also of the material are necessary that adds to the interest and causes one to marvel.
23- Basket with design on outside made with beads. The material is threaded thru the beads. These beads are fine and have very small holes too.
24 Tsai weave basket. This is started with a piece of wampum shell for the center. Design in black.
25- Tsai weave. Very fine and design of black material.
26- Tsai weave- Canoe shaped basket. Small but averages over 100 stitches to the inch.
27- Large Tsai weave basket. Design in black with wampum woven at intervals on the material.
28 Small Canoe shape-Body of basket in black-design in white Shibu weave.
29 Canoe shape very fine-black d sign [[design]].
30- Round Basket in black design in white Shibu weave.
31- Round Basket in black design
32- Round Basket in black design
33- Tsai weave-Design in black quail pattern.
34- Tsai weave-Design in black 
35 to 44 inclusive. series of miniature boat shaped baskets. All with old designs and perfect weave.
45 Small Basket of shaken weave, black design

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