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46- Shaken weave, design in black.
47 to51 inclusive .Miniature round baskets designs in black.
52-53 inclusive the smallest baskets ever made -regardless of tribe. In glass bottle.
54 small all black basket. Difficult to weave,as Mary wept she said there was nothing to go by meaning no pattern.
55- Smallest Canoe shaped basket in the world.
56-64 inclusive. All round miniature baskets.

This list I made, as I numbered the Baskets on Sunday, May 27, 1934. There is much additional data in letters from William addressed to me which are filed away with other Indian data.
For information on Indians and Pomos see the Indian Book where the data was kept.
Grace Nicholson

This list was made before the one she asked me to help her make 
I will always wonder what was [[?]] here