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Notes by Grace Nicholson, Pasadena Calif. 1922 
Covered Chumash basket- (original price -300.00)

"Old Mission Indian Basket, made at Santa Ynez Mission Calif. Chumashan Family. Santa Barbara Calif. This mission was founded in 1804 and a large number of the Santa Barbara neophytes were taken to this Mission. Among them a number of basket making families who were unquestionably Tulare Indians. But this basket was made by and after the style of the Channel Indians. This basket was made for Catarina Ortega, the wife of General Ortega who was in command of the troops protecting the Missions at the time. The basket is of great historical interest aside from its beauty. The decoration is known as Isabella's Crown, Materials selected with cure."

Chumash -shallow bowl basket (original price 225.00)
"Mission - Old rare Santa Ynez Basket. Beautiful weave. Dr. C. Hort Merriam recognized the design as clan marks |\|. Miss Hubby has a small half open bowl with pattern and this other than the one mentioned. In these old baskets the coils are of bundles of grass and the split stems of the rhus are used for sewing. The black material is dyed by the Indians with their own process.  The juncus robustus is a beautiful material and shades from light brown to the darker shades.  This basket is anywhere from 150 to 200 years old.