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July, 1926                       Everybody's                   Frank Quinn
Vol. 54, No. 7                                                   Editor


The Hangman's Daughter. A Short Story                    Sydney A. Clark 9
                          Illustrated by O. J. Gatter 
A Globe Trotter Glances Back                  Mary Stewart Cutting, Jr. 16
Every Day Is Flag Day to Him                                 Nina Purdy 19
Feet Let's Go. A Short Story                                 Sam Carson 24
                          Illustrated by H. Weston Taylor
Her Job Is to Keep People Married                      Vera L. Connolly 34
Making a Man of Jackie Coogan 
W. Adolpe Roberts 37
The Red Maruder. A Short Story 
Frank Richardson Pierce 42 
                          Illustrated by Harold von Schmidt 
Harvey Garrad's Crime. A Novel. Part I
E. Phillips Oppenheim 48
                          Illustrated by R.J Cavaliere
Grateful Hundreds Call Him Dad
Elizabeth Gertrude Stern 68
The Merry-Go-Round Goes 'Round the World 
Earl Chapin May 71
A Princess in Distress. Conclusion 
Grace Sartwell Mason 78
                          Illustrated by Stockton Mulford
Six Hundred Thousand Miles for $7.61 
Harry Botsford 86
What Makes Tilden "Unbeatable" 
John K.Winkler 89
Medina Reef. A Short Story
Francis Brett Young 93
                           Illustrated by John R. Pierce
Hands That Preach the Gospel 
Mary-Bess Riggs 98
The Unwatched Light. A Short Story
Richard Matthews Hallet 100
                            Illustrated by John R. Pierce
Never Touched Me! Winning Prize-Contest Letters 108
So You Are Not Superstitious?
Montrose J. Moses 113
Are You Observing? 
R. F. Foster 117
The Old or the New 122
Hard Labor 
W. W. Jacobs 124
                            Illustrated by J. Scott Williams
Supply and Demand 
Joseph C. Lincoln 130
                            Illustrated by Will Crawford 
He Sculpters in Ice 
Nina Purdy 139
A California Lion Rancher 
Christine Emery 140
The Only Aquatic Dean in the World 
Fred L. Holmes 141
A Champion Basket-Maker of the West 
Craig Henderson 142
Everybody's Chestnut Tree 143

JAMES H. GANNON, President 
C. H. Holmes, Secy. & Treas.

6, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, W. C., England 

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