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myth 1

This is the tradition of how Marumda and Kuksu made the world.

He lived in the north, the Old Man, his name was Marumda. He lived in a cloud-house, a house that looked like snow, [[strikethrough]] & ice [[/strikethrough]] like ice. And he thought of making the world. "I will ask my older brother who lives in the south," thus he said, the Old Man Marumda, "Wah! What shall I do?" thus he said, "Eh!" thus he said.

2. Then he pulled out four of his hairs. He held out the hairs, "Lead me to my brother!" thus he said, Marumda the Old Man. Then he held the hair to the east; after that he held the hair to the north; after that he held it to the west; after that he held it to the south, and he watched.

3. Then the hair started to flaot around, [[strikethrough]]it[[/strikethrough]] they floated around, and floated toward the south, and left a streak of fire behind, [[strikethrough]]it leaves[[/strikethrough]] they left a streak of fire, and following it floated the cloud-house, and Marumda rode in it.

Transcription Notes:
Added t in front of he under bullet/paragraph 3 for the handwritten t added.