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4. He sat smoking. He quit smoking. And then he went to sleep. He was lying asleep. [[strikethrough]] lying [[strikethrough]]..., [[strikethrough]]lying [[strikethrough]]..., [[strikethrough]]lying [[strikethrough]]... Then he [[strikethrough]]got up[[strikethrough]] awoke. He got up and put the tobacco. He smoked, and smoked, and smoked, and then he put the pipe back into the sack.

5. That was his first camp, they say, and then he lay down to sleep. Four times he lay down to sleep, and then he floated to his elder brother's house.His name was Kuksu. This Kuksu was the elder brother of Marmumda.

6. The Kuksu, his that was like a cloud, like snow, like ice, his house. To there he floated Marmumda floated Around it they floated, four times they floated around it the hairs, and then through a hole they floated into the house, and following them the Marmumda entered the house.

7. "Around the east side!" said the Kuksu. Then xx[[stikethough]] around the east side he entered the house, and he sat down, he sat, and he took off the little sac hung around his neck. He took out his pipe ad filled it with tobacco, he laid coal on it, and he blew, he blew,