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myth 6

15. Now they mixed together their balls of armpit wax. And Kuksu mixed some of his hair with it. And then Marumda also mixed some of his hair with the armpit wax.

16. After that they stood up; feeling south, and then facing east, and then facing north, and then facing west, and then facing the zenith, and then facing the nadir; "These words are to be right and this everything will be. People are going to be according to this plan. There is going to be food according to this plan. There will be food from the water! There will be food from the land. There will be food from under the ground. There will be food from the air. There will be all kinds of food whereby they will be healthy. These people will have good intentions. Their village will be good. They will plan many things. They will have be full of knowledge. There will be many of them on this earth, and their intentions will be good.

17. We are going to make in the sky the traveling-fire. With it they will ripen their food. We are going to make that with which they will cook their food overnight. The traveling fires in the sky, their names will be the Sun. 
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