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Maj & A.A.A.G
Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery, Ala Aug 9th 1865

General Order
No 8

Assistant Superintendents will send to this office on the 1st, 10th, and 20th days of each month a report of rations issued.
This report will show the number of detached soldiers citizens employees persons in colony and those relieved outside to whom rations have been issued during the previous ten days, distinguishing between whites and colored adults and children.
By order of 
Brig. Gen. W. Swayne

Maj & A.A.A.G

Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Refugees Freedmens and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery Ala, August 11th 1865

General Order 
No 9

The following orders of the Secretary of War is published for the information and guidance of all concerned:
War Department
Adjutant Generals Office
Washington, July 25, 1865

General Orders 
No  129

To secure equal justice and the same personal liberty to the freedmen as to other citizens and inhabitants, all orders issued by post, district, or other commanders adopting any system of passes for them & subjecting them to any restraints or punishments not imposed on other classes are declared void. 

Neither whites nor blacks will be restrained from seeking employment elsewhere when they cannot obtain it on just compensation at their homes, and where not bound by voluntary agreement: nor will be hindered from travelling from place to place on proper and legitimate business. 
 By order of the Secretary of War:
           E.D. Townsend
           Assistant Adjutant General
By order of Brig. Gen. Wager Swayne
           Major & A.A.A.G.    

Office Assistant Commissioner 
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen
and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery Ala August 24th 1865

General Orders}
No 10         }

Major I. Schatz Actg Staff Surgeon U.S.A. having reported in compliance with orders from Medical Director Dept of Alabama is hereby assigned to duty with this office as Chief Medical Officer for the District of Montgomery. 

By order of 
Brig Gen. Wager Swayne

Maj. & A.A.A.G.