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Bureau, and having local jurisdiction that one of his employees has been absent from labor without good cause for a longer period than one day, or for an aggregate of time greater than three days in one month the Justice shall proceed such person as a vagrant.

V    Freedmen committed as vagrants may be let to work on roads or at other labor by the County or municipal authorities which provide their support, or they may be turned over to an agent of this Bureau.

VI   No contract will be approved which does not expire on or before the first day of January, 1867.

Brig Gen & Asst Comsr
Executive Department
Montgomery, Alabama Sept 1st 1865

The foregoing Order is approved and will be recognized by all judicial and ministerial officers in this State, in their administration of justice as Agent of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedman and Abandoned Lands.

Davis E. Parsons
Provisional Governor of Alabama

By the Governor:
(S.G) W. Garret
Secretary of State
Headquarters Department of Alabama
Mobile, Alabama Sept 4 1865

The foregoing Order is approved and will be enforced by the Military authorities in this Department in the absence of or in support of the parties charged with its execution.

By order of Maj. Gen C.R. Woods
F.B. Woods
Brig Gen & Chief of Staff


Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Refugees Freedman
and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery, Ala. Sept 8th 1865

General Order
No 13

Surg: Charles J. Kipp U.S. Vols having in accordance with orders from the Commissioner of this Bureau reported at this office is announced as Surg in Chief and will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

By order of
Brig. Gen W. Swayne

Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and 
Abandoned Lands
Montgomery, Ala. Sept 15th 1865

General Orders
No 14

Instruction to Superintendents and their Assistants
I   Promptness in making all required returns and reports is needful for many important reasons, and will be considered indispensable. In addition to reports rendered in form, each officer reporting directly to this office will send a weekly letter of advice, and will require the same from his subordinates.

II   It is intended that each officer shall be supplied with a complete file of all Orders and Circulars relating to the Bureau. If any are unsupplied they will make immediate application to the officer to whom they report.

III  The administration of justice has been committed to the civil authority to whom it must in every case be ultimately left. Its fairness should be the