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objects of respectful scrutiny, and cases of evident denial of justice should be promptly reported. District Superintendents alone are authorized to address communications to Judicial Officers, questioning their conduct.

IV  In each County where there are troops (and it is hoped there will be troops in each county.) there should be a military agent of this Bureau.  And every such agent should, for the more rapid hearing and adjustment of complaints entered before him, try to arrange with a reliable Justice of the Peace to have his office near the agency, and to receive and act upon each complaint.

V   Cases will arise where Freedmen who have worked faithfully without a contract, to make a crop, are driven off as soon as the crop is made. They should be unhesitatingly sent back, to remain until they can find another place or it can be found for them, and the employer should be notified that the crop will not be removed until a settlement is made to the satisfaction of the agent.

VI  To make the business which arises from the supervision of contracts self-supporting, a charge will be made at the time, of twenty-five cents for each laborer employed

VII Before any expenses are incurred, an estimate should be made stating fully the amount, object. &c. and forwarded to this office for approval.

VIII In case of a difficulty on a plantation, reasonable efforts should be made to conciliate the parties and promote industry, but cases proper for the cognizance of civil agents of the Bureau should be referred to them. It must be rigidly and invariably maintained that corporal punishment is not to be thought of in connection with a free man.

IX The issuing of rations to destitute Refugees and Freedmen is committed to this Bureau. A strict


and limited discretion must govern all issues of this kind. Gratuitous issues should be only after a statement under oath, embracing each particulars as to show plainly that the only alternative is actual suffering. Issues for which a lien is taken should be only to persons of undoubted character, experience and industry, and only as a means of enabling freedmen and other to relieve the Government of their support. Such issues should not be made to families living together without marriage.

X The lists of lands required by Par II General Orders No 4. should embrace all real property owned or used by the late rebel Government, and all which has been libelled for confiscation by the U.S. District Attorney, and which kan be made useful by the Agent. As to the latter class, the information need be particular only so far that it can be recognized by that officer who is already in possession of the boundaries.

XI It is recommended to Superintendents and their Assistants to select Committees of intelligent and influential freedmen of the vicinity and to meet them weekly in consultation. This will multiply their own influence in stimulating freedmen to improvement and independence, and to make plain the duty of both parties.

Much is necessarily left to the discretion of officers. A desire to secure justice without regard to color, and a thorough knowledge of all orders pertaining to the Bureau will enable [[crossed out]] enable [[/crossed out]] them to meet the requirements of humanity and duty.
By order of
Brig. Gen Wager Swayne
Asst Adjt Genl


Asst Adjt Genl