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Office Asst Comsr
B.R.F. & A.L
Mont.  April 3rd 1866

Special Order 
No 56}

Col G.D. Robinson is hereby relieved from duty as Supt of Refugees, Freedmen &c at Mobile and will rejoin his regiment it having been ordered mustered out
Before obeying this order he will proceed to Montgomery for the purpose of transacting certain business connected with his Department.
The Asst Comsr n relieving Col Robinson desires to express his obligations to him for the fidelity and ability with which he has conducted the arduous duties of his position.
II  Lt Col Geo A. Washburne 20 V.R.C. is hereby assigned to duty as Supt Refugees, Freedmen &c at Mobile, Ala vice Col G.D. Robinson relieved for muster out.
III  Lt Geo F. Browning 1st Veteran Reserve Corps is hereby relieved from duty as Aide de Camp to the Asst Comsr and assigned to duty as Act Asst Quartermaster Bureau Refugees Freedmen &c.  He will relieve Lt Jas. F. McGogy 50th U.S.C.T.
IV  Lt Jas F. McGogy 50th U.S.C.T. is hereby relieved from duty as A.A.Q.M. Bureau Refugees, Freedmen &c and will transfer all Government property in his possession to Lt Geo F Browning 1st V.R. Corps A.A.Q.M.
V  Lt Geo. F. Browning A.A.Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L. will proceed to Mobile, Ala, on business connected with this office & return as soon as practicable.
Q.M. Dept will furnish transportation.


VI  It having been satisfactorily shown that a certain flat-boat seized by Capt T.J. Kerr, A.Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L. at Mobile as property of the late Confederate Government and sold by him for the benefit of the Bureau in accordance with the Execution Order of Nov 11th 1865 had been first seized by the Navy Dept and now properly their property, it is hereby ordered that Bt Lt Col Edwin Beecher, Receiving & Disbursing B.R.F. & A.L. returned to Mr Fred Howard the sum of three hundred ($300) dollars that being the amount paid by him for the boat.
By order of 
Bt Maj Gen Wager Swayne

Office Asst Comsr
B.R.F. & A.L.
Mont. Ala.  April 4. 1866

Special Orders 
No 57}

Lt Geo F. Browning A.A.Q.M. B.R.F. & A.L. will issue to G.A. Harmount Asst Supt R.F. & A.L. for issue to destitute Freedmen the following articles of clothing.
Twenty (20) pair pants (Irregular)
Twenty (20) Jackets
II  Capt R. Theune Veteran Reserve Corps, Bt Maj USV, having in accordance with Special Orders No 40 of date March 22. 1866 War Dept Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen &c reported at this office will proceed to Mobile Ala & report to Lt Col G.A. Wash=