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VII...Abandoned lands held by this Bureau. may be restored to owners pardoned by the President, by the Assistant Commissioners to whom applications for such restoration should be forwarded, so far as practicable through the Superintendents of the Districts in which the lands are situated.
Each application must be accompanied by-
1st. Evidence of special pardon by the President, or a copy of the oath of amnesty prescribed in the President's Proclamation of May 29, 1865, when the applicant is not included in any of the classes therein excepted from the benefits of said oath.
2d. Proof of title
Officers of the Bureau through whom the application passes will endorse thereon such facts as may assist the Assistant Commissioner in his decision
-stating especially the use made by the Bureau of the land.
[WILL]...No lands under cultivation by loyal Refugees or Freedmen will be restored under this Circular, until the crops now growing shall be secured for the benefit of the cultivators, unless full and just compen-sation be made for their labor and its products, and for their expenditures.
O. O. Howard Major-General,
Andrew Johnson
President of the United States
Clinton B. Fisk, Brigadier General,
Assistant Commissioner.
Circulator No. 6
Sept 18 / 65