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Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands.
Office Ass't Com. for KY.,Tenn.,and North Al.
Nashville, Tenn. Sept.18, 1865
Circular No.7.

    Citizens, Agents of this Bureau on duty in this District, will be permitted to collect on each Contract by them made and registered the sum of Fifty cents. 
    This fee will be paid, one half by the Employer: and the balance by the Employee.  
    In all cases of differences adjudicated by Agents, costs will be taxed and collected as provided in the civil code. 
     Agents are very generally receiving from county authorities the appointment of Superintendent of the poor for the county in which they reside. It is recommended that such appointment be secured in all cases, as the Agent then becomes a civil officer, and for his services in that capacity can receive compensation from the County Treasurer. 

Clinton B Fisk, Brigadier General, 
Assistant Commissioner