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hospitals is mainly due to the fact that many of the patients were bought them in a dying condition. In addition to the number reported above as treated in hospitals, several thousand indignant sick. Refugees and Freedmen required medical attendance and medicines at their homes.

All of the patients treated were absolutely unable to pay for medical attendance and medicines; and as no provision bad been made by the state or local authorities for the support and care of these people, they would have greatly suffered if not perished had they not received timely aid from the Bureau.

At present the local authorities of some of the counties in this district have established charity hospitals for indigent sick white people; and it is believed that hereafter we shall receive but few of this class into our hospitals.

The medical and Hospital supplies arrived from Army Medical Purveying depots were of very good quality several reports have been received from surgeons in change of hospitals, of the lots while in transit, of tons shipped to them, by Medical Purveyors. All of them cases were investigated by "Boards of Survey" but with rather unsatisfactory results.

The provisions furnished from the U.S.A. Subsistence Department were generally of good quality. The nation's allowed to refugees and Freedmen has been found to be quite sufficient. The "statement of hospital Fund" for September 1866 arrived at this office from the hospitals in this