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Headquarters District Of Ala.
Office A.C.S Bureau
Montgomery Sept. 30th 1867 

Major General
Wager Swayne
Assistant Commissioner

I have the honor to herewith transmit statements in detail of the operation of the Subsistence Department of the Bureau of this State for the year ending September 30th 1867.

The issues and transfers of Bureau Supplies made under General orders No 4 from these headquarters of Oct. 10th 1866 have in most instances been reported through Mr Cruikshank's to this office, some of the District Agents and many other county agents have failed to render reports and unless some means be adopted to compel those agents to make reports, the quantity issued, and number of persons relieved can not be be accurately ascertained.

The reports required in accordance with circular No 11 War Dept Bureau of April 3rd 1869 forwarded to this Office, R. Smith Sub. Assistant Commissioner of Opelika has failed to render his reports in accordance with the above named circular. I would respectfully recommend that his pay be stoped until he properly accounts for the supplies received by him. 

Late in June last the  U.S. Ship. 

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