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Feminist Art Workshop

Feminist Art Workshop

Organized by Judy Chicago, painter with Arlene Raven and Ruth Iskin, art historians.  Assisted by Art Department staff, Carole Fisher and Ann Jennings, C.S.J.

January 6 to 31, 1975

Open to all interested women
Contact the Registrar or the Visual Arts Department of the College of St. Catherine

$350.00 — credit, for the total month
Free — public sessions
The College of St. Catherine, 2004 Randolph Ave. St. Paul, Minnesota

The College of St. Catherine takes pleasure in announcing as Artist in Residence for January Interim, 1975, Judy Chicago, feminist artist and co-founder of the Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts and the Feminist Studio Workshop, Los Angeles. Ms. Chicago will organize a month-long women's art workshop and thereby establish the foundations of a feminist art program for The College of St. Catherine.

Ms. Chicago will lead the first week's activities of discussion, lectures and studio experiences. The second week will be led by Arlene Raven, Feminist art historian, art historian for the California Institute of the Arts Feminist Art Program and co-founder with Judy Chicago and Shelia de Bretteville of the Feminist Studio Workshop, Los Angeles. The third week will be led by Arlene Raven and Ruth Iskin. Ms. Iskin is a feminist art historian, former Womanspace co-director, founder of Womanspace Journal and co-founder with Arlene Raven of the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies, Los Angeles. Carole Fisher, local artist and instructor of drawing and design at The College of St. Catherine will also work in the program during this three week interim and will serve as coordinator of all the activities both in the classroom scheduling and the public events open to the outside community.

This Workshop is being partially supported by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Council.

The faculty of the Visual Arts Department is deeply committed to developing a program and an atmosphere uniquely sympathetic to women who wish to pursue training and careers in the visual arts.  We know that women in the arts suffer psychologically and professionally because courses of instruction and standards of "Art" are geared to and determined by male experience, values and forms.  Only recently have people like Judy Chicago begun to discuss "female imagery" and the validity of women's experience in the making of art.  It has also recently been shown that instances of "career successful women" are proportionately related to the number of women instructors encountered during undergraduate college and/or professional training.


Visual Arts Building Lecture Hall
7:30 p.m. for all sessions

January 7 - Judy Chicago discussed work in her exhibit at St. Catherine’s art department galleries
January 9 - Feminist Art Education: Part I, Judy Chicago
January 14 - Artist and Women-Self-image Split, Arlene Raven
January 16 - Feminist Art Education: Part II, Arlene Raven
January 20 - Circle of the Witch Singers
January 23 - Films by and women including Twin Cities Film Collective
January 24 - Women Poets of the Twin Cities
January 25 - Weekend slide marathon, women only,area women show slides, films and video tape,
January 26 - 1 to 5:00 p.m.
January 27 - Self-images of Women Artists from the Renaissance to the 20th-Century, lecture and slide presentation, Ruth Iskin
January 28 - Women in Art History Today, panel discussion-Arlene Raven, Eileen Michels, Kathryn C. Johnson, Ruth Iskin
January 30 - Display of work done during session, 1:00 p.m.third floor, art building


During the month of January, 1975, the Visual Arts Gallery will have an exhibition the paintings, prints,and porcelains of JUDY CHICAGO.The exhibition on view from January 5 thru 31, 1975. A preview of the exhibition will be held on January 5, Sunday, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The artist will be present at this preview. A gallery talk by Judy Chicago will be given on January 7 at 7:30 in the galleries.


In January the Flat Stone Studio will produce its first set of publications. The suites of four, two color lithographs will be created by Judy Chicago. The Studio and Judy Chicago will collaborate in marketing the completed editions out of Flat Stone. The editions will be offered at a pre-publication price of $275.00 and a retail price of $350.00. The publishing of prints for local as well as national artists is an important involvement for the Studio and the Community. On Tuesday, January 21, 1975, at 7:30 there will be an informal evening with Judy Chicago at Flat Stone Studios. This evening is to be a time when area artists can come and meet and talk with Judy and become better acquainted with the Studio.

Judy Chicago 


Judy Chicago, who was chosen "Women of the Year in Art" by Mademoiselle magazine, February, 1973, is a powerful role model for the women students in art. She was here during a day-long visit to the department last spring and the enthusiasm and hope elicited by her brief visit convinced the faculty of the need for a distinct and specialized approach to the instruction of the women in the arts. Women working with women, without fear of patronization or ego-tripping, of sexual games-playing, or even of non-familiarity with male-established criteria of experience and visual forms, can work to their fullest capacities, and can draw on a previously untapped and enormously rich store of common experience and feeling. They will be the center of their own specialized universe and will have the opportunity to develop "...a sense of themselves as the source of their own lives" - a condition essential for the making of art. This will be an intense, organic experience and appears to us to be ideally accommodated by the January Interim that is part of our academic calendar. Ms. Chicago pioneered an educational program for women artists in Fresno, California, 1970, when she began a class for women. The class grew quickly into a full-scale program for helping women become artists in terms of their own identities as women. In 1971, she together with Miriam Schapiro, brought the program into the California Institute of the Arts, where it became known as the Feminist Art Program. Programs based upon this pioneer effort have been growing around the country. She has been instrumental in introducing the idea of female imagery into the art community and in developing a new environment for women artists.

Arlene Raven


Arlene Raven is an art historian specializing in the area of Modern American art and is a pioneer in the new field of feminist art history and feminist art education. She was art historian for the Feminist Art Program, California Institute of the Arts, during 1972 and 1973. She was a contribution editor of Womenspace Journal and was instrumental in developing Womanspace galleries. In 1973, she founded Feminist Studio Workshop with Judy Chicago and Sheila de Bretteville and, with them, created the Woman's Building. With Ruth Iskin, she founded and directs the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies. She is West Coast representative for the College Art Association's affirmative action program, on the advisory board of the Woman's Caucus for Art, and has taken an active role in the C.A.A.'s feminist activities. She has lectured and held workshops all over the country on the subject of feminist art history and the art of women, concentrating on developing a history of the art of women which places their achievement into understandable historical contexts through the use of sophisticated art historical methodologies and new feminist and humanistic perspectives. She is also completing a book-length manuscript on the art and criticism of the Washington Color School.

Ruth Iskin


Ruth Iskin is an art historian specializing in modern art and the field of women artists and feminist art history. She has been founder and editor of Womanspace Journal, an art historical publication on women artists, past and present, and was among the founders of Womanspace of which she was co-director. Over the last years she introduced courses on women artists into several institutions on the West Coast and taught feminist art history at U.C.L.A., U.C.L.A. Extension, Immaculate Heart College and Otis Art Institute. Presently she is also teaching art history at the Feminist Studio Workshop, is co-director of the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies which she founded with Arlene Raven, and is Trustee of the Women's Building. She organized numerous exhibitions of contemporary women's art in Womenspace galleries and the Community Gallery of the Women's Building. She has lectured widely over the country on the topic of the women's art and particularly on women artists' Self Images in art, a topic which she has been instrumental in introducing into current discussions in the field. She has actively participated in national conferences on women's art and feminist activities in the CAA, and serves on the advisory board of the Woman's Caucus for Art. Currently she is completing a monograph on the art of Mary Cassatt and preparing for a publication on women's art: women artists' self-images

Carole Fisher


Carole Fisher has been one of the leading women in the Minneapolis area devoted to the education and help to women in art. Her own work in drawing and environmental pieces is designed around her concern for women in the decade. She has exhibited at the National Print Exhibition and the Two Nations - Six Artists exhibit at Moorhead and Winnipeg and recently installed a large wall piece at Walker Art Center as well as at the Tweed Gallery in Duluth. Ms. Fisher who is teaching Drawing, Design and Women's Studies at St. Catherine's received her B.F.A. from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and M.F.A. from Pennsylvania State College. 

Sister Ann Jennings

Ann Jennings, C.S.J., an assistant teacher at St. Catherine's, will as resource coordinator for the Workshop set up and coordinate a resource center of materials to supplement reading and discussion experience and investigate ways to involve the college community and the public in the workshop experience. She will take part in small group consciousness-raising sessions and in reading discussions. Sister Ann received her B.A. from The College of St. Catherine, attended St. Theresa's College, U.S. Naval Hospital Corps Schools and has done graduate work at the University of Minnesota. She received an honorary citation from the U.S. Navy Scholastic Achievement Award and has had stories published in Ariston and Southwest State College Literary Magazine. She is a member of Delta Phi Delta, Kappa Gamma Pi and Delta Phi Lambda.

The College of St. Catherine
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