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This program is designed to provide an experience in feminist education for students and educators at Johnston College, and for members of the Redlands community. The purpose of the program is to provide women with the opportunity to learn and share together, to/connect their personal experience to their common experience as women and as people in the world and to express their thoughts, feelings and insights in creative work. Parallel and equally important purposes are to share the experience of students in the program and expertise of professionals in women's culture with the community at large, and to provide training in feminist educational techniques for interested faculty at Johnston.

Participants in presenting the program are faculty members of the Feminist Studio Workshop of Los Angeles, an innovative educational institution for feminist education in the art-related professions.

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Feminist Studio Workshop faculty are committed to expansion and integration of their educational theories with other institutions and educators, and teach individually and collectively at many other colleges and universities. Precedents for the proposed program at Johnston College include the Feminist Art Workshop at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul Minnesota, an interim program organized last year by Judy Chicago, Arlene Raven and Ruth Iskin and resident faculty. The success of the program has warranted its repetition this year. Other precedents include the Summer Art Program at San Francisco Art Institute, offered in conjunction with a lecture series on womens culture at- [[strikethrough]] offered by [[/strikethrough]] the San Francisco Community, and a lecture series sponsored by UCSD Extension this fall.

The program is taught from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, and will develop studentss ability for self-expression through performance, visual art and writing. An optimally effective structure would include:

(1) Two week-end workshops, one in mid-November and the other in December, to provide an introduction to the experience of the interim program and feminist education.
     a. Weekend Workshop #1: Self Naming. Large and small group discussions on the topic of self images:
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