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Arlene Raven
Arlene Raven is an art historian specializing in the area of Modern American art and is a pioneer in the new field of feminist art history and feminist art education. She was art historian for the Feminist Art Program, California Institute of the Arts, during 1972 and 1973. She was a contributing editor of Womanspace Journal and was instrumental in developing Womanspace galleries. In 1973, she founded Feminist Studio Workshop with Judy Chicago and Sheila de Bretteville and, with them, created the Woman's Building. With Rush Iskin, she founded and directs the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies. She is West Coast representative for the College Art Association's affirmative action program, on the advisory board of the Woman's Caucus for Art, and has taken an active role in the C.A.A.'s feminist activities. She has lectured and held workshops all over the country on the subject of feminist art history and the art of women, concentrating on developing a history of the art of women which places their achievement into understandable historical contexts through the use of sophisticated art historical methodologies and new feminist and humanistic perspectives. She is also completing a book-length manuscript on the art and criticism of the Washington Color School.

Ruth Iskin
Ruth Iskin is an art historian specializing in modern art and the field of women artists and feminist art history. She has been founder and editor of Womanspace Journal, an art historical publication on women artists, past and present, and was among the founders of Womanspace of which she was co-director. Over the last years she introduced courses on women artists into several institutions on the West Coast and taught feminist art history at U.C.L.A., U.C.L.A Extension, Immaculate Heart College and Otis Art Institute. Presently she is also teaching art history at the Feminist Studio Workshop, is co-director of the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies which she founded with Arlene Raven, and is Trustee of the Women's Building. She organized numerous exhibitions of contemporary women's art in Womanspace galleries and the Community Gallery of the Woman's Building. She has lectured widely over the country on the topic of women's art and particularly on women artists' Self Images in art, a topic which she has been instrumental in introducing into current discussions in the field. She has actively participated in national conferences on women's art and feminist activities in the CAA, and serves on the advisory board of the Woman's Caucus for Art. Currently she completing a monograph on the art of Mary Cassatt and preparing for a publication on women's art: women artists' self-images.

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