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This press packet contains info about the WB + about the conf, 3/21-22.

The population and  the WB...

Sheila spoke w/ me this AM req. your concern that the conference will be very academic. That had originally been a concern of mine too, alleviated somewhat after reading the topic proposals submitted by the speakers,    . The papers inform each other beautifully, containing intelligent observation & waking ideals w/o strong sense of the actual. The paragraph [[prec?]] this one was part of the cover letter for our prep packets. H refers to the Building, but I hope it also describes the conference.

Most of the speakers are university-affiliated. they are also activists &/or have written seminal feminist works regarding Q's history and Q's vision. I believe that all of the speakers will combine their knowledge of Q's history w/ their organizing experience + analytical skills. Additionally, Sheila etc. are not academics, but 4 primarily involved w/ community organizations

The intent of the CCHPP grant prog., an initial source of $, is to find ways for humanities scholars to use their expertise in a public setting & to greater public advantage. I think that the speakers chosen will provide historical depth (a sense of continuity) & perspective to [[strikethrough]] their own [[/strikethrough]] one's personal experience as a woman [[strikethrough]] & that of the audience. [[/strikethrough]]
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