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“Supersister” -for collecting, trading, flipping. 70 baseball-type cards featuring contemporary women of achievement. Send $4.50 to “Supersisters”, 230 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10017

T-Shirts For The Times! 1. Men of Quality Are Not Treated by Women Seeking Equality.” 2. Having Abandoned My Search for , I am Now Looking for a Good Fantasy.” 3. A Women Has To Do Twice As Much As a Man in Order To Be Considered Half As Good... Fortunately, That Isn’t Too Difficult!” 4. “I Finally Got It Together... Now I Don’t Know What To Do with It.” 5. “Uppity Women Unite!” 6. “I’m Not Perfect - But Parts of Me Are Excellent.” All shirts are navy/white pant. Adult sizes, XS/S/M/L/XL. $7 each postpaid. free catalog! Send check, money order, Master charge, BA/Visa. (Include Acct. No., expiration date, and signature on MC/BA/Visa orders.) White River Company, Dept M-9, 314 Broadway, Elmwood, Park, N.J. 07407

[[Image]] virginia woolf 
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Woolf, Thoreau, Dostoevsky, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Sherlock Holmes, Kafka, D.H. Lawrence, Sand, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Proust, Escoffier, Pablo Neruda, Gertrude, Stein, Picasso, Blake, F.L. Wright, Bogart, Einstein, Freud, Jung, Nietzsche, Goethe, Plato, Tutankhamen, others available.
T-SHIRTS: white $6.50 4/$22 red or blue $8. 4/$28 SWEAT-SHIRTS: gray $12 2/$21 sizes sm. med. lg. xlg. all cotton NIGHTSHIRTS: red or blue (s,m,l, only) $11 2/$20 TOTES: $9.50 2/$18 APRONS: white $8 2/$1 prices ppd. CANADIAN customers add $1. per piece
HISTORICAL PRODUCTS box 220E Cambridge, MA 02138

World’s largest feminist gift store-jewelry, shirts, vibrators, patches, posters, buttons, mugs. Open Tuesday through Saturday. 11 A.M.-5 P.M. Mail Pico Blvd., Los Angles, Calif. 90064.

Feminist jewelry, T-Shirts, Buttons-Send two 15-cent stamps for brochure, to: Ferne, P.O. Box 113 T.C.B., West Orange, N.J. 07052.

A Man’s House is his Castle...
Let Him clean it! [[Image]]
Quality T-shirt
Powder Blu
with navy
Adult sizes S thru XL
$6 postpaid
4 for $22
J-M Sales
2700-4th South Seattle, WA. 98134

Foreign Language T-shirts-choose from our selection of 43 snapping saying in 18 different languages, each one screen-printed on a fine, colored T-shirt. Send 25 cents for brochure: Cornucopia T-Shirts, P.O. Box 9301M, Madison, Wis. 53715.

“There are times when you’re on top of the world”
Kate Millett
signed print. 18” x 23”
on fine art stock
Send $10 to

Your snapshot photo laminated on beautiful wood key chain. Photo trimmed. $4.95. Holt Newsom, Box 1165, Lexington, N.C. 27292

Women goes ahead. Color or black and white album of 15 silk screened drawings by Spanish Artist, Angela’s Ballester. Send $15 to: Independent Press, P.O. Box 5369, Albany, N.Y. 12205.

A women without a man
is like a fish with a bicycle 
Red, Yellow,Blue
$6 ppd
34/36 38/40 42/44 46/48
6500 B Phinney Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103

Fine walking sticks and canes. Free color brochure. Marchele Co., Dept. MM, 720 Fort Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10040.

Show’em in Gold
Women are Equal
 This women’s equality symbol pendant is u inquest in its 14k gold beauty and simplicity and is the perfect addition to your own gold chain. a valuable as stickpin.
14k GOLD............$45
Price with diamonds on request.
Allow 30 days for delivery.
Send check or money order to:
P.O. Box 8066 Shreveport.La. 71108

Feminist T-Shirts! 1. “A Women’s Place Is in the House... And in the Senate.” (Powder blue with navy lettering.) 2. “A Day Without Human Rights Is Like a Day Without Sunshine.” (Being with brown lettering or powder blue with navy lettering) 3. “Children Are People Too.” (Beige with brown lettering and unique design.) 4. “ERA” printed on front of shirt and Amendment on back. (Powder blue with Navy lettering.) 5. “Every Mother Is a Working Mother.” (Navy with white lettering.) 6. “Keep Your Laws Off My Body.” (Red with Black lettering.) 7. “Eve Was Framed.” (Yellow with red printing and apple artwork.) Adults sizes: S/M/L/XL, $6 or any four for $22 postpaid. Children’s size sizes 6-8, 10-12, $5 postpaid. 10-percent of price of each shirt donated to ERA Coalition. J-M Sales, 2700 4th South, Seattle, Wash. 98134.

Kate Millett Poster -Commemorative poster of the lesbian body exhibition of drawing, $5. Each copy signed by the artist. make checks payable to: Kate Millett, Box 202 Billings, N.Y. 12510.

Signed prints of Kate Millett’s
Exhibition of nudes
Send $10 to Kate Millett 
Box D. Billings. N.Y. 12510.

Jewelry, Gold chains, Rings Pendants, Giftware, Figures, Woodenware. Catalog, $1 refundable. Gold-filled heart or butterfly charm “slides” on 30-inches chain, $25.75 each; 2/$46 BEC Catalog Sales, Box 698, Dept. A102, Johnstown, Pa. 15901.

Quality T-shirt,
Beige with
Brown Printing
Adult sizes
S thru XL.
$6 postpaid 
4 for $22
J-M Sales
2700-4th South Seattle, WA. 98134

[[Image]] NOBODY 
Finely Exclusively designed, expertly crafted pendant in gold tone sterling silver vermeil. matching 18-inch gold-filled chain, Only $12.99. Check, Master Charge, or Visa Number.
5655 Beechnut, Box 134,
Houston, Tex. 77096

Saliva Natural Menses. Send for your seapon sponge, guide, and purse. Replaces synthetic tampons; lasts one year. $2.75 SOLIVA-2, P.O. Box 1263, Orgunquit, Maine 03907.

Feminist Wicca. now offering wholesale prices. Catalog, &1.50; free to wholesalers. 442(A) Lincoln led., Venice, Calif. 90291.

Cordless Vibrators. Mini, $5; 7-inch, $7; 10-inch, $9; Multispeed 8-inch, $8; Variable speed Benwa, $12; R. H. Fashions, P.O. Box 804, Haicksville, N.Y. 11801

Photo ID. Sealed in plastic. All states provinces 24 hours. Guaranteed. Free birth certificate. Send $5 (additional ID’s $4). Photo, name, address, height, weight, hair, eyes, birth dare. Cardinal, Box 522-DR120, Jacksonville, Fl 32207.

Do you know your I.Q.? Have you thought about joining Mensa? The international high I.Q. so Irtysh offers a standard I.Q. test you can take at home. Your score is returned in confidence; send $6, check or money order to Mensa, Dept. 58, 1701 West Third Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223. If you’ve already been tested at the 98th percentile or above, write for information.

Hadley Smith Poster-commemorating National Women’s Conference, Houston, 1977. Reproduction of college using conference tickets and verse. Inspiring memento, $10. Women’s Law Caucus, 2500 Red River, Austin, Tex. 78705

Shriek alarm-a piercing shriek at the flick of a finger! Scares off attackers. Summons help. Can be heard for blocks. $3.98 postpaid. E.M. Palmer, Wrighstown, N.J. 08562.

The Orgasmatron guarantees satisfaction or your money back. The Orgasmatron vibrator provides concentrated clitoral stimulation that. Rings on orgasms. 30-day money-back guarantee. 1 year warranty. Master Charge, Visa, include number, expiration date. Orgasmatron, $20; 2-speed, $25; 2-speed deluxe, $30; multi-speed Ben Wa, $10. $2 shipping. Sex catalog, $3. (N.Y. residents, 8 percent sales tax.) P.P.C.B., 161 West 4th St., Dept.-MS-9, N.Y., N.Y. 10014. (212) 243-0077.

Date effective, sensuous
Textured Condoms!
For the ultimate in a women’s sexual experience... 7 brands(48 textured condoms in all) for only $12.50. Famous, nationally advertised textured condoms let a women enjoy love making as never before! Sampler includes Arouse, Riugh Rider, Trojan Ribbed, X-T-C, Excita, Stimula and Climax “4”. Order shipped same day received. Plain wrapper assures privacy. Send cash, check or M.O. to: 
6652 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL. 69645
Or charge it  on Visa or M.C.
Call toll-free. 800-621-4779.
Illinois residents call collect 312-973-4400.


Feminist Counselor-Psychotherapist. Highly qualified, warm, skilled. N.Y. and New Jersey offices: (201) 837-6381

Women’s Psychotherapy Referral Servicea. An organization of non sexist therapists that will match you with a therapist who can work best with you. Referrals to qualified feminist professionals in New York City only. (212) 242-8597.

Chicago: Women’s Counseling Collective. Professional psychotherapy services. Moderate fees. (312) 786-0390.

Dentist-Judith Hessel, D.D.S. General practice, 342 Madison Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10017; (212) 687-6620.

Westchester Feminist Psychotherapy Collective-highly qualified non sexist psychotherapist. Individual, relationship, group therapy. Moderate fees. (914) 946-3364.

100/Ms./September 1979


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