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April 11th 1929.

My dear Capt. Jones

When this reaches you I suppose you'll be putting the finishing touches on the preparations for a good, old, restful cruise up in the Arctic. And maybe I don't wish I was going up with you. However that's not to be - at least, not this year - although haven't given up hopes of going up sometime while you still have the "Northland".

Our service is sending a dental officer up this year and it is concerning whom I am writing. Dr. Messner, our Chief Dental Surgeon, was up from Washington to-day and he said that the particular circumstances surrounding Dr. Waugh's assignment to the "Northland", had been taken up fully with Comd. Waesche who has probably written you all about it. However I thought I'd drop you a personal line.

First, about Dr. Waugh, himself. He is Professor of Orthodontia, Columbia University, F.A.C.D. etc., and has been commissioned a Dental Surgeon in the Reserve of the PHS so that he might be ordered to duty during this cruise. He is a man of national reputation and I know you are going to like him personally as much as we do. He has been very much interested in various scientific investigations in the Arctic, and has personally fitted out several expeditions of his own with which he worked North from Labordor during the summer months. His films of the Arctic are as remarkable pieces of photograph as I have ever witnessed. Incidently the Bureau is providing him with 5000 feet of film for this trip.

There were several points that were bothering him and I volunteered to write and ask you about them.
First:- on reaching Point Barrow, it is his wish to work eastward as much as possible and wishes to know if he might have the use of an open boat with auxiliary power. If this is not available, could he take along an Out-board motor?
Second:- he plans on leaving Seattle abroad Alaskan S.S.vessel about June 5th and hopes to make connection with you at Unalaska around June 10th providing you are not north of Unalaska on that date. If this is not feasible do you contemplate touching at Nome and if so approximately what date. If you could let me know as soon as possible it would help us greatly in planning the detail.

Dropped into your old book shop (Schuster's) not long ago and came upon some very interesting stuff that I proceeded to pack home. We are still out at the rock house and with the balmy days of
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