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Small br. Hawk.
Vireo flavoviridis.
Dryobates scalaris
Xanthoura luxuosa
Thryothorus maculatus
Icterus (Levy nest)
Campephilus guat.
Ciophraeus seapularis.
Cathartes aura
Catharista atrata
Dives dives.
Crotophaga sulcriosostus [[sulcirostris]].

lying along the coast.

May 8, Velasco. Move down here from Valles today. We were told this would be good locality for deer and turkeys but on arriving here we found the country covered with dense, low forest nearly impenetrable on account of the wild pineapples. We met here a man named Fletcher who advised us to go down to Chijol one station farther on in the direction of Tampico.

May 9, Chijol.

This afternoon I went out along "brechas" in the forest and killed two specimens of the small gray squirrel. We take the train in the evening at Vilasco and reach Chijol about 9 o'clock where we found nothing but a telegraph station improvised from an old fashioned caboose. We sleep in an empty freight car which we find standing on the siding.

May 10.

Spent hunting deer without any success on my part. A hunter

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