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BLANC, PETER, 1210 St. Matthews Ct., N.W.
BODNARCHUK, STEVE, 1234 13th St., N.W.
CARNELLI, W.A., 1409 20TH St.
COMES, MARCELLA, (Winslow), 3106 P St., N. W.
DE WELDON, FELIX, 2500 Que St., N. W.
DECKER, ALICE, 3620 Prospect Ave., N. W.
EVANS, LUCILE, 1345 27th St., N. W.
KAINEN, JACOB, 4522-49th St.
LICHTMAN, SHIRLEY H., 6596 Bock Road S. E.
MAURER, LEONARD, 1440 Chapin St., N. W.
PORTER, JAMES A., 1201 Girard St., N. W.
SICKMAN, JESSALEE B., 808 17th St., N. W., Studio 32

BOHLAND, GUSTAV, 9488 Byron Ave., Surfside, Miami Beach 41
BOUGHTON, WILLIAM H., 518 N. Monroe, Tallahassee
BROCKDORFF, HERMAN, P.O. Box 221, Rockledge
FARNSWORTH, JERRY, Hanson Bayou, Bay Island, Sarasota
GENIUS, JEANETTE M., 231 N. Interlachen, Winter Park
HELSTROM, BESSIE, 424 95th St., Miami 41
HILL, GEORGE SNOW, Hill Studio, 2233 Green Way, St. Petersburg
HOFFMAN, MURRAY, 1498 Ocean Way, Palm Beach
HUNTLEY, VICTORIA HUTSON, 310 W. Concord Dr., Fern Park
LEWANDOWSKI, EDMUND D., 124 S. Franklin Blvd., Tallahassee
McKEAN, HUGH F., 231 N. Inerlachen, Winter Park
ROSENTHAL, DORIS, 3737 Justison Road, Coconut Grove
SMITH, LEON, Box 464, Rollins College, Winter Park
WEAVER, ANN, Norton Gallery, West Palm Beach

BLANCH, LUCILLE, 211 Forsyth St., Macon
BROOK, ALEXANDER, 14 E. Bay St., Savannah
DODD, LAMAR,590 Springdale, Athens
HOLZHAUER, EMIL, Wesleyan Conservatory, Macon
SHORTER, EDWARD S., P. O. Box 1374, Colombus

AUCELLO, SALVATORE L., 3473 N. Clark St., Chicago
BADGER, FRANCES, 156 E. Superior St., Chicago
BENNET, RAINEY, 5761 S. Dorchester Ave., Chicago
BENTLEY, CLAUDE, 245 W.North Ave., Chicago
BERGLUND, AMANDA, 2243 No. Dayton St., Chicago
BETTS, EDWARD H., 308 North State St., Champaign
BLOCK, MARIUS S., 4215 N. Elston Ave., Chicago
BRIDAHAM, LESTER BURBANK, 9760 So. Dobson Ave., Chicago 28
BROWN, CAMERON, 507 Lake Ave., Wilmette
BUCHTA, ANTHONY, 245 W. North Ave., Chicago
BURG, COPELAND C., 1544 Wieland St., Chicao 10
CHERMAYEFF, SERGE, 408 Wellington, Chicago
COX, JOHN ROGERS, 4 EastOhio St., Chicago 10
COY, LYNN C., 388 N. Delaphine Rd., Riverside
DALSTROM, GUSTAFF, 2637 N. Dayton St., Chicago 14
DuSELL, D. LEE, 912 Talma St., Aurora
FLORSHEIM, RICHARD A., 5 East Ontario St., Chicago 11
FORD, CLARA, 826 S. Charlotte, Lombard
FURST, FLORENCE, 105 N. Harlem Ave., Freeport
GARRISON, EVE, 7856 South Shore Drive, Chicago 49
GLAMAN, EUGENIE F., 4 E. Ohio St., Chicago11
GORDON, SI, 646 West North Ave., Chicago 10
GROSS, EARL C., 748 Greenwood Ave., Glencoe
GUNTHER, GEORGE W., 945 S. 2nd St., Springfield
HACKETT, MALCOLM, 301 Eugenie St., Chicago 14
HAKE, OTTO EUGENE, 1012 N. Dearborn, Chicago
HARVEY, LAURA CORNELL, Box 126, Libertyville
HAYDON, HAROLD, 5009 Greenwood Ave., Chicago 15
HENNER, EDNA WOLFF, 720 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 11
HIMMELFARB, SAMUEL, Box 93, Winfield
HORN, MILTON 5629 South Dorchester Ave., Chicago 37
HUHNHOLZ, HEDWIG, 2636 Eastwood Ave., Chicago
INGERLE, RUDOLPH F., 339 Laurel Ave., Highland Park
JONES, ELSIE, 1324 Forest Avenue, Evanston
KAMM, LOUIS, 4948 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago
KAUFFMAN, ANDRENE, 5005 W. Superior St., Chicago


KEMP, CHARLES E., 824 Seward St., Evanston
KING, CLINTON, 1404 Astor St., Chicago 10
LEVY, BEATRICE S., 5480 So. Cornell Ave., Chicago
LINN, LEONARD, 819 Chestnut Court, Winnetka
LUKOSH, JUNE, 55 West Burton Place, Chicago 10
MARTYL, 6114 Woodlawn, Chicago 37
MARYAN, HAZEL, 674 Irving Pk. Rd., Chicago
McVEY, FRANCES HAINES, 4 E. Ohio, Chicago
MINTZ, HARRY, 2414 Lawrence Ave., Chicago
O'BRADY, GERTRUDE, 1325 Main st., Evanston
ODELL, GINC, Crabtree Lane, Lake Forest
PEARMAN, KATHERINE K., 920 King St., Rockford
PERRI, FRANK S., 1231 So. California Blvd., Chicago
PIEPER, HUGO J., 4854 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago  
PRUSS, ELLA, 1002 N. Statw St., Chicago
POUGIALIS, CONSTANTINE, 1402 N. North Park Ave., Chicago 10
RADICE, CANIO, 1233 E. 58th St., Chicago
RICHARDSON, JOHN F., 5512 Woodlawn Ave., Apt. I-E, Chicago 37
RISSMAN, A., 5000 Cornell, Chicago
RITMAN, LOUIS, 19 East Pearson St., Chicago
ROMAN, ANN, 7025 Creiger, Chicago 49
SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM S., 435 Rush St., Chicago
SELLECT, MARGARET, 607 9th St., Wilmette
SHIVA, RAMON, 433 West Goethe St., Chicago 10
SPERRY, VICCI, 435 Oakdale Ave., Chicago 14
STEVENSON, ESTHER S., 1444 N. State, Chicago 10
STIPE, WILLIAM, 602 Glendale Road, Glenview
SWAWITE, AUGUSTA ANNE, 5541 Everett Ave., Chicago 37
TALBOT, SOPHIA DAVIS, 16261/2 Broadway, Mattoon
TALLEU, JOHN J, 600 So. East Ave., Oak Park
TREIMAN, JOYCE WAHL, 844 Hibbard Rd., Winnetka
VENIER-ALEXANDER, ANITA, 540 Thornwood Lane, Northfield
WALLEY, JOHN, 6 E. Kinzie, Chicago 11
WEARING, DOROTHY COMPTON, 561 Surf St., Chicago 14
WEINER, EGON, 4761 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago 15
WEISENBORN, RUDOLPH, 674 Irving Pl. Rd., Chicago
WELCH, HAROLD K., 1423 Hudson Ave., Chicago
WELSHANS, LOTAN, 412 So. 5th Ave., Maywood
WHITKOV, IVAN, 5574 Ingleside, Chicago
WOODRUFF, F. CHRLES, 5616 South Woodlawn Ave., Chicago
YOUNG, JANE, 646 West North Ave., Chicago 10
ZIROLI, NICOLA, 203 W. Church St., Champaign
ZLATOFF-MIRSKY, ALEXANDER, 3157 Cambridge Ave., Chicago

EISENBACH, DOROTHY L., 627 Owen St., Lafayette
ENGEL, AHRRY, Indiana Univ., Bloomington
KORMENDI, ELIZABETH, 1009 W. Washington St., South Bend
LAURENT, ROBERT, 510 S. Woodlawn Ave., Bloomington
McDONALD, HAROLD K., 202 West 2nd St., Veedersburg
SHARP, HILL, R. R. No. 7, Muncie
WILSON, NORMAN B., 212 West Clinton St., Goshen

ALBRIZIO, HUMBERT, 446 N. Riverside, Iowa City
LECHAY JAMES, Art Dept., State Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City
LOTTERMAN, HAL, Art Dept., S. U. I., Iowa City
MARQUIS, TOMLINSON, MRS., 300 W. Burlington, Fairfield
MATTERN, KARL, 659 33rd St., Des Moines 12

ROSENBAUER, WALLACE, 5425 Chadwick Road, Kansas City 3

LEAKE, EUGENE WALTER, Route 6, Louisville 7

ALBRIZIO, CONRAD A., Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
FLETTRICH, LEONARD T., 6005 Burgundy St., New Orleans
McCRADY, JOHN, 3921 Palmyra St., New Orleans
SHRYOCK, BURNETT H., 1433 Pleasant St., New Orleans
TRIVIGNO, PAT, 7701 Jeannette St., New Orleans
WICKISER, RALPH L., Head, Fine Arts Dept., Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge

Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact