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Woodstock, New York
September 19, 1942

Mr. W. R. Herod
President, United China Relief, Inc.
1790 Broadway
New York, New York

My dear Mr. Herod:

Recently I received a letter from the Art Students League, where I teach, asking me to serve on the jury for a scholarship competition for the League at the Art School of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, which was to be conducted for the benefit of United China Relief. I gladly accepted this assignment.

I received a letter from the League yesterday informing me of my release from the jury duties because United China Relief officials felt that the connection of my name with the competition might cause adverse comment in places high up, since I have already been prominently connected with one of the projects.

I have been in the past very active, in connection with other prominent American artists, in countless projects and activities of all kinds to assist the long before December 7. I have always felt, my urge and belief has always been, to do everything in my power to help fight against the peoples foe, even though I am a Japanese by origin.

Mr. Herod, this is not only my statement, it is my action. I hope you will understand my writing you this letter and if there is any misunderstanding, please let me know.

Sincerely yours,