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Walker, Saml.
Bvt. Capt. & S.A. Comr.
Endorsements on request for authority to expend $300. in aid of building a school house at Morristown Tenn

Bureau R.F. & A.L.
Assistant Commissioner's Office.
Nashville, Tenn. May 16th, 1868
Respectfully returned to aid in building this school house - provided the total amount of such aid shall not exceed $300.00

W 56 L.R. 1868-

W.P Carlin
Bvt. Maj. Genl. U.S.A.
Asst. Commr

Broaders, Wesley,
Late Corpl. Co 13.
4th UsCT.
Endorsements on letter regarding the payment of money due him for Bounty &c to another person and requesting that steps be taking to secure for him his money

Bureau R.F. & A.L. State of Tenn
Assistant Commissioner's Office
Nashville, Tenn May 18th, 1868.
Respectfully referred to Major Genl. O.O. Howard, Commissioner &c for instructions. It appears that the person who receipt to the undersigned for the Check of Wesley Broaders (Colored) on the 8th of August last, was not Wesley Broaders though identified as "W.B." by W.W.Ingersoll the claim Agent who procured Broader's Claim
The check was delivered to the person falsely representing himself as Broaders, by Lt. S. W. Groesbeck, the A.A. Genl. without referring the case to me. The criminal party cannot be discovered. Can the Commissioner do anything for the relief of Broaders, who has been defrauded of his money?

W.P. Carlin
Bvt. Maj. Genl.
Asst. Commr

B.42. L.R.1868

Allen, James H.
and other (colored)
Continuation of endorsements on communication requesting information regarding their claims - from page 89. Letter returned purchased at Post Office - Read back May 17th 1868

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Bureau R.F. & A.L.
Assistant Commissioner's Office
Nashville, Tenn. May 18th, 1868
Respectfully referred to Jas. M. Johnson, Sub-Asst Commissioner at Chattanooga, Tenn, who will use every endeavor to find James H. Allen, (colored) or any of the mean named in the within application, and transfer these papers to them. In case they cannot be found, these papers will be returned to this office

By order of
Bvt. Major Genl. W.P. Carlin,
Asst. Commr.
W. H. Bower.
Lieut. and AAA Genl

A. 7 L.R. 1868

Brown, W.W.
Agent &c
Shelby Co. Tenn
Endorsements on letter recommending that aid be given in supplying a teacher for the school at Horn Lake, to amount of $20. per moth.

Bureau R.F. & A.L.
Sub-Asst. Commr's Office
Memphis, Tenn. May 16th, 1868
Respectfully forwarded to Lt. W. H. Bowers, AAA Genl. Nashville, Tenn. with the recommendation that the aid asked for be extended to this school provided the number of scholars be not less than thirty (30)

(Sigd) Fred. S. Palmer.
Lt Col & Sub-Asst. Commr

Asst. Commr's Office
Nashville, Tenn. May 18th 1868
Respectfully returned to Lieut. Col. F. S. Palmer, who is authorized to employ L. A. Parker, as a teacher at Horn Lake, if he should prove competent & can organize a school of 20 scholars or more.

B.43. L.R. 1868

W.P. Carlin
Bvt. Maj. Genl. U.S.A.
Asst. Commr.
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