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Korges, Richard J.               Polhemus, Merle P. *D*
Kramer, R.S.                     Pollard Hubert *D*
Krieger, Marvin                  Pool, Grant J.
                                 Prince, Charles A.
LaFont, Justin                   Radcliffe, Dale
Lamb, David B.                   Ramsey, William R.
Landry, D.L.                     Reavis, Kermit
LaRue, Lt. William H.            Rinehart, Jack W.
Larson, Dorf                     Roberson, H.L.
Lavender, Guy                    Rowe, Clarke H.
LeDoux, Leslie E.                Rudolph, L.V. *D*
Lowell, Arvin H. "Pappy" *D*     Ramsey, Wm. R.
Lowery, Bill                     Rumsey, S.A.
Lutz, Keith W.                   Ryan, A.L. "Pappy"

Malone, John C.                  St. Peter, Chester L
Marsh D.                         Saunders, A.E.
Marsh, D.E.                      Scepansky, Joe
Marshall, Fred D.                Schaeffer, N.E.
Martin, Charles                  Schliep, Richard
Martin, O.A. *D*                 Scott, Curtis C.
Mayer, Charles A.                Seagrist, Bert
McAllister, Glenn                Shanor, L.C.
McClain, Glen                    Simamus, R.L.
McElyea, L.K.                    Simms, Ray
McLandress, D.H.                 Singleton, Mr.
Medlicot, E.L. *D*               Slocum, A.C.
Meisch, Jack *D*                 Smith, Donald G.
Merchant, Ted                    Smith, James R.
Miller, Glenn                    Smith, Zig
Mitchell, Logue                  Sopher, Doug
Moore, A.T.                      Spear, Clay *D*
Moore, W.F. "Bill"               Stanfield, C.J.
Morey, Edwin H.                  Steed, Billy
Morgan, Kenneth E.               Stolz, Raymond C.
Morsecheck, M.G.                 Suitor, Roy
Murray, Julius                   Summers, Robert L.
                                 Swanner, R.F.                            
Nelson J.R.                      Tabor, Wilfred
Nesper, Fred                     Tate, I.D.
Nettles, Harry C.                Tischler, William F.
Newman, R.O.                     Torkelson, R.E.
Norman, W.S.   
                                 Trager, Nathan Allen
O'Keefe, John                    Tucker, J.R.
Oldham, Gip                      Turner, W.H.
Olson, Robert E.              
                                 Van Lue, J.F.
Pace, J.C.,Jr.                   Verhle, Frank
Palmer Judson L.                 Vickers, James J.
Palmer, R.R.                      
Parker, Eules                    Wade, Bill
Parker, Wiley   *D*              Wanamaker, George *D*
Parry, Mr.                       Ward, Paul D.
Peeples, Mr.                     Ward, Sam C.
Perigo, Frank                    Ward, W.C. "Bill"
Petersen, Fred "Pete"            Williams, Albin O.
Pinkard, Harl W.                 Williams, Ted R.
Pinkson, Sid                     Wildman, Marvin I.
Plew, W.R.                       Willingham, K.V.

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