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NARA 495

Wilmington Feby. 26. 1867.

I have to regret my inability to furnish Genl. Rutherford with a definite statement as to the numbers receiving aid from the Ladies Benevolent Society. The meeting this morning was not fully attended in consequence of sickness in the families of several of the Visitors. Some of the Ladies present reported from 8 to 10 families, other 10 or 12 - & many of these families are composed of Mothers with 3 or 4 children. In some of the 11 wards into which we have divided the work the Poor are in smaller numbers, but some not heard from to-day have numerous families in very low circumstances who are not reported as utterly destitute. And we think it is quite safe to say that relief has been extended to more than 100 persons.
Very respectfully
C.G. Kennedy Pres't.

To Genl Rutherford
Office Freedman's Bureau.

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