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Elizabethtown NC
May 3d 1867

To. The Supt Freedmen's Beauru &c
Wilmington NC

Dear Sir
At the request of a poor crippled freed woman I write this.  She has three children, quite young, & like herself without clothing or provisions. She also has two children one a girl about 17 years of age who was in my employment for a short time, but without any provocation has gone off & is just frolicing about the County. The other is a boy 19 years old who is in Wilmington trifling away what he makes, she learns. She says since he became free, he has given her as much as seven (7) dollars - Can you do any thing towards making them aid her. She begs that you hire her son [[strikethrough]] him [[/strikethrough]] to some responsible man in Wilmington who will send her monthly as much of his wages, as he can possibly do without. His name is Phillip Girron, and was a short time ago in the employment of Mr HB Eilers Commission Merchant.

As she is, I do not see any-thing before her but