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Elizabethtown N.C.
6 Augt 1867

Capt Allen Rutherford
Wilmington N.C.

I am just in receipt of your communication informing me that Lorenzo Shaw (cold) has rendered a complaint against me for non complyance with the laws of N.C. & Genl Order No 10 Hd Qrs 2 Milty Dist - To which I plead "Not Guilty" The circumstances connected with the case are these:

I as constable for Bladen County obtained a Judgt against said Shaw - who accepted services & gave as security for stay Jack M Dowell (cold) I am sworn as Constable to diligently endeavor to collect all claims put in my hands & gave bond in the sum of Four Thousand Dollars for the faithful performance of the duties of Constable  

I never had an execution against the said Shaw consequently it was impossible for me to size a horse or any other property having no execution.